You Need to Try These Classic Australian Ice Cream Combos ASAP!

As home to some of the best fresh produce like fruit, nuts and dairy, what better way to celebrate the flavours of Australia than with a scoop of Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s famous Australian-made ice cream.

But you don’t have to settle for the same old flavours. Switch up your frozen treat and try one of these fun new Australian ice cream combos made from 100% Aussie dairy.After Dinner Mint

We are taking mint choc chip ice cream to a whole new level with the After Dinner Mint Australian ice cream combo. Get your tastebuds jumping for joy with a scoop of mint ice cream smashed with KitKat, brownie chunks and Lindt dark chocolate pieces for an extra decadent experience.Bubblegum Buzz

Reminiscent of your favourite childhood chewing gum and sweets, Bubblegum Buzz features bubblegum ice cream, Wonka Nerds, mini marshmallows and gummy bears. Perfect for the young and young at heart, this colourful treat is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Want more lollies? The Lolly Box ice cream cake is the perfect ice cream cake for kids.Death by Chocolate

Are you a die-hard chocolate fan? Thanks to Cold Rock, all of your chocolate dreams have come true with the Death by Chocolate creation. Lashings of double chocolate ice cream, mini M&Ms, brownie chunks and Milky Way chocolate bar pieces make for a must-try Australian ice cream combo. We have also got a range of chocolate ice cream cakes to try!Cookie Jar

There is one thing Aussies love more than cricket: Tim Tams. In celebration of the Aussie chocolate biscuit, we have created Cookie Jar, a delicious Australian ice cream combo with all of your favourite cookie treats. Enjoy Cookies and Cream ice cream filled with Tim Tams, Oreos and cookie dough chunks. We suggest adding a drizzle of chocolate fudge sauce to top it all off. Keen for more cookies? Order our all-new O’Reo Kidding Me ice cream cake for your next event!The Islander

If you love lounging by the beach on a hot day, you will love this Australian ice cream combo. The Islander features refreshing mango sorbet with raspberries, passionfruit and Bounty chocolate bar pieces for the ultimate summer ice cream flavour.Animals Alive

As the home of Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs, it seems only fitting that they feature in an Australian ice cream combo of their own. Animals Alive comes with classic Aussie vanilla ice cream smashed with Caramello Koala, Freddo Frog and gummy bear Mix Ins; yum! Chasing a little more chocolaty goodness? Add in Flake chocolate bar pieces or some honeycomb Crunchie bar bits!For-A-Rare-Share

Are you seeking a special treat? It is time to give our chocolate and nut-inspired Australian ice cream combo, For-A-Rare-Share, a go. Enjoy lashings of Ferraro ice cream smashed with gooey Nutella as well as crushed up Ferraro Rochers and Picnic chocolate bar Mix Ins for a delicious dessert. Want to share the choc-nut fun? Order the Cold Rock All or Nut-ting or Ferraro Dreaming ice cream cake for your next event!Peanut Butter Time

If you grew up in Australia, the catchphrase ‘Never Oily, Never Dry’ probably sparks a fond memory of scooping peanut butter out of the jar and onto a slice of bread. Now, this classic Aussie nut spread is getting a makeover with Cold Rock’s Peanut Butter Time ice cream. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Flake and Mars Bar chocolate pieces smashed with Salted Caramel ice cream make for an all-new classic Aussie ice cream flavour.Try these Australian ice cream combos by heading to your local Cold Rock store to pick up a cone, cup or take home tub. Want to put these Australian ice cream flavours in a cake? With our online custom cake builder, now you can! Customise your own Australian ice cream celebration cake today, or check out these birthday cake ideas for some tasty inspiration.