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Bring the Joy Home With You

Choose It. Mix It. Smash It. Love It.

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Cold Rock Ice Creamery has been making Australia’s favourite frozen treat for over two decades, serving scoops and smiles to Aussies in stores around the country.

But what if you could enjoy your favourite ice cream now and still have some for later? With cold Rock take home tubs, you can!

We know that sometimes a cup or cone simply won’t do, which is why we offer the perfect shareable size with our take home tubs.

With Cold Rock’s exciting range of take home ice cream tubs, you can bring all of the in-store fun back home with you to eat as you please. Share it with friends or keep it for yourself in the freezer; the choice is all yours.

Available in small tubs and large tubs, you can choose from our take home tub menu or customise your own Cold Rock creation with your favourite ice cream flavours and as many Mix Ins as your heart desires.

From classic Aussie vanilla ice cream, creamy caramel and cool mint to decadent chocolate, fresh sorbets and fun bubblegum, there’s a flavour for everyone.

You can also pick from a range of Mix Ins such as Freddo Frogs, Oreos, Crunchies, Maltesers, gummy bears, fresh strawberries and more to make your very own unique tub. It’s the perfect dessert to have anywhere, anytime.

Order online or head into your local Cold Rock store today to pick up your Cold Rock take home tub