Why Bubblegum Ice Cream is the Best

Find out why bubblegum ice cream is the best Cold Rock flavour of all

There is no denying that whoever decided to put ice cream with bubblegum was a genius, but if you ever need more reasons to pick bubblegum ice cream when you visit Cold Rock Ice Creamery, we have got an entire list of why bubblegum ice cream is the best flavour of all.

Our famous blue bubblegum ice cream is a staple in Cold Rock ice cream parlors all around the country, and a popular pick amongst customers of all ages looking to reminisce on their favourite bubble-popping pass time.

But what you may not realise, is just how creative you can get with this fun frozen treat. This Cold Rock flavour is incredibly versatile, offering up endless possible combinations of flavours and Mix Ins suitable for any occasion.

While bubblegum ice cream is delicious on its own, it gets even better when it is paired with another one (or two) of our flavours, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Try it with some Aussie vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream or mint ice cream for a fresh burst. For something extra colourful, you cannot go past pairing bubblegum and rainbow ice cream; it is a legendary combo.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, why not give our cake batter or Jaffa flavours a go with your bubblegum flavour? We promise you will Love It.

Of course, it would not be Cold Rock if you couldn’t Choose It. Mix It. Smash It. Love It. Be your own bubblegum ice cream connoisseur by selecting whichever and however many Mix Ins you desire!

Choose anything from mini M&M’s, sour worms, Freckles and marshmallows to Tim Tams, Oreos, Kit Kats and more for a fun-filled bubblegum ice cream dessert like no other.

At Cold Rock, you are not just limited to a cup or cone either. Our Bubblegum Buzz take home tub is the ultimate treat to share with friends or family. With Nerds, mini marshmallows and gummy bears, it is the best bubblegum and gummy bear ice cream around.If you would prefer to make your own bubblegum ice cream tub, we have you covered. Just head in store, select a take home ice cream tub size, choose your flavours and add your Mix Ins.

Need a cake for your next occasion? Our Lolly Box ice cream cake is perfect for lolly lovers and can be customised to include a layer of bubblegum flavoured ice cream with your choice of Mix Ins.

If you want a completely unique cake for your celebration, create a custom bubblegum ice cream cake! Build your very own bubblegum flavoured ice cream cake from scratch with the Cold Rock online cake customiser. Simply order online and it will be ready to pick up at your local store within three days.

What are you waiting for? Order online or head in-store to Cold Rock today and see for yourself why our bubblegum ice cream is the best.