What makes owning an Ice Cream Shop so appealing? The ultimate benefits of entering the Ice Cream market

Of course, telling people you own a successful Ice Cream franchise comes with the assumption that work is bright, fun, and delicious. But at its core, the Ice Cream conglomerate is not only just a fun, colourful industry, it also makes for great business. Here are a couple of reasons why:
  1. Everyone likes ice cream – a family outing, a first date, celebratory or a pick-me-up. Everyone enjoys ice cream and there is always a time for it. It is a stable market that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As a Cold Rock franchise owner, your customer market is as wide as possible. So many memories are surrounding going for some Ice Cream. Be a part of making such memories. Our whole approach as a brand is to create the full experience for every customer. The fun of choosing and mixing combos and flavours appeals to all ages, and that is the magic that keeps Cold Rock so loved.
  2. The product is simple- yet the combos are endless – It’s a known fact that no one can ever be unhappy with an ice cream in hand, and that’s why our product is full proof. We already know how reliable and loved the Cold Rock ice cream bases and flavours are. From here, the mix-ins take over, with over 30,000 combos to choose from, there truly is something for everyone (including our Vegan, allergy-friendly, dairy-free Rockstars)! Not to mention the variations of Shakes, Cakes and Tubs. As a franchise owner it is important to believe in your product, and with a product so simple-yet-effective, the belief is a given.
  3. Supporting the Aussie market – When a simple American concept was brough to Australia in 1996, who would have ever predicted that it would become Australia’s favourite frozen treat? In 2002 realising Australia’s uniqueness, the concept was Australianised… a product made for Australians, by Australian’s, with Australian produce. Today, Cold Rock is and remains the largest 100% Australian owned and operated ice cream and treats business. From the development in our Melbourne head office, to the Aussie dairy farmers we source our produced from, Cold Rock is whole-heartedly proudly Australian. As a franchise owner, you will have part in the support and involvement in the Aussie market.
  4. Save on space and save on waste – The simplicity of our product means that not much heavy metal is required. No need for a decked-out kitchen with constant need for repairs, our cold rock is the secret to our magic. Not to mention the minimal waste that comes with ice cream (as it is always frozen). The product lasts for years and can be used in so many ways. No need to throw out unsold ice cream cake, just soften it down and create something new!