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Choose It. Eat It. Bake It. Love It.

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Do you love cookie dough? Then it’s time to Choose It. Eat It. Bake It. Love It with Cold Rock Rock your Dough cookie dough tubs!

We’ve created 2 all-new vegan take home cookie dough tubs that everyone will love.

You can choose from two moreish flavours; Choc Chip cookie dough, perfect for those who appreciate the classic and much-loved taste, as well as a Triple Choc cookie dough, for those seeking pure, chocolatey decadence.

These dough-licious 480g cookie dough tubs are the ultimate versatile treat that you can eat raw or bake in the oven for some gooey fresh baked cookies. Whatever way you decide to eat it, this mouth-watering cookie dough is guaranteed to have you savouring every bite.

Of course, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun, so we’ve made our cookie dough completely vegan.

Our vegan cookie dough is a great option for our plant-based customers and anyone with special dietary requirements.

This delectable treat is perfect for school bake sales, birthday parties, family baking fun, movie nights with friends or a convenient sweet snack.

If you prefer to make your own cookie dough creation, you can add the Choc Chip Rock your Dough as a Mix In to your favourite ice cream scoop in-store.

So what are you waiting for? Dig into some cookie dough today by heading in to your local Cold Rock Ice Creamery to pick up your very own tub of Rock your Dough. We promise you’ll Love It.