Chocoholics Unite! We’ve Unveiled the Newest Additions to Our Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Range

Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s new chocolate ice cream cake range has finally been unveiled!

If you have been looking to buy a chocolate ice cream cake online with all of the chocolatey goodness for your next special occasion, our new range of decadent chocolate ice cream cakes have you covered.

These new chocolate ice cream cakes cater to all ages and events, whether you are young or young at heart, celebrating a birthday or just enjoying a chocolate treat. Order your chocolate ice cream cake online today! There is something so exciting about cracking into a Kinder Surprise Egg and finding a little toy inside, which is why our new My Kind-er Surprise chocolate ice cream cake is a hit with the kids.

This chocolate ice cream cake for kids is a true chocolate feast layered with double choc and Aussie vanilla ice cream with Oreo, Kinder chocolate and Mini M&M Mix Ins.

But it wouldn’t be a Cold Rock cake without the toppings. My Kind-er Surprise is topped with chocolate Ice Magic, chocolate sprinkles, Kinder Bueno chocolate bars and, of course, the coveted Kinder Surprise Egg, ready to be unwrapped.Who doesn’t love colour? Well, with our new chocolate ice cream cake, It’s Raining M&M’s, your kids will have the ice cream party cake of their dreams!

Made with classic Aussie vanilla ice cream, smashed together with chocolate brownie and M&M Mix Ins, all topped off with a waterfall of Mini M&Ms, this kids chocolate ice cream cake is a real winner for the little ones.For our fellow adult chocoholics, we have concocted a devilishly good chocolate-coffee masterpiece with our new Tira-Miss-You ice cream cake log. Enjoy layers of soft vanilla sponge cake wedged between Ferraro ice cream and double choc ice cream, doused in coffee syrup and mixed with a myriad of your favourite chocolate Mix Ins.

Not only does this chocolate and coffee ice cream cake have a kick of caffeine, but it also has the added indulgence of chocolate brownie, Tim Tams and Oreo Mix Ins, topped off with chocolate Ice Magic, white chocolate shavings and a sprinkling of malty Milo.

The Tira-Miss-You coffee and chocolate ice cream cake is the perfect post-dinner dessert or special occasion treat.The chocolate and nuts combo is perhaps one of the most popular pairings we have seen, and when you taste the two together, it is easy to see why. We have created an all-new frozen chocolate cake dedicated to all our choc-nut lovers out there; All or Nut-ting.

This cake layers Aussie vanilla and double choc ice cream with crushed peanuts, peanut butter spread, Cadbury Picnics and Mars Snickers for the best of both choc-nut worlds. Try the All or Nut-ting chocolate ice cream cake at your next celebration or special event!Hazelnuts + Chocolate. Need we say more? We have got a brand new addition to our range of chocolate ice cream cakes for all of our choc-hazelnut die-hards. Introducing Ferraro Dreaming!

This fudgy, nutty delight layers Ferraro ice cream and double choc ice cream with chocolate brownie and Ferraro Rocher Mix Ins, decorated with chocolate Ice Magic, crushed hazelnuts, whole Ferraro Rochers and mini packets of gooey Nutella.

Ferraro Dreaming is a real crowd-pleaser, so you might want to snag the first slice before it’s all gone.

But, if you prefer the old over the new, don’t worry, our classic Cold Rock chocolate ice cream cakes haven’t disappeared. You can still buy our most popular cakes online, including the Kit Kat Krazed Kit Kat ice cream cake.This loaded chocolate ice cream cake comes choc-a-block with a layer of double choc ice cream with chocolate brownie pieces and Kit Kat Mix Ins, and a second layer of strawberry ice cream smashed together with M&M’s and Kit Kats. To finish it off, it’s surrounded by whole Kit Kats and topped with masses of M&M’s.

Are you looking for a completely unique ice cream cake? You can create your own custom chocolate ice cream cake for your next occasion. Head to our online store to place a chocolate ice cream cake order online for easy purchase and pick up.

Make your next event a memorable one and buy chocolate ice cream cakes online from Cold Rock. Be sure to try one of our strawberry ice cream cakes for something fun and fruity or check out our range of Oreo ice cream cakes. Hurry, get ‘em while they’re cold!