Calling All Cookie Monsters! This Edible Cookie Dough is a Must-Try!

Are you crazy about cookies? Well, you have come to the right place!

From choc chip ice cream to Oreo ice cream cakes, there is nothing we love more at Cold Rock than cookies. While we have been the connoisseurs of many cookie-inspired treats, we think our latest creation is by far the best yet.

We decided to make the famous Mix In into a permanent and exciting treat of its own, que Rock your Dough edible cookie dough tubs.

Yes, you heard correctly. Cold Rock’s crowd favourite edible cookie dough Mix In is also available in a TUB.

That means you can now buy 480g of dough-licious, smooth raw cookie dough swirled with chunks of chocolate chips to enjoy as a sweet snack morning, noon or night.

But you don’t just get more cookie dough. You also get a new flavour option! Our edible cookie dough now comes in two moreish flavours; chocolate chip cookie dough, perfect for those who appreciate the classic and much-loved taste, as well as a triple choc, for those seeking pure, chocolatey indulgence.

And the best part? We have made our edible cookie dough is completely vegan, so nobody misses out on the fun.

If you are a lover of raw cookie dough, you have no doubt licked chocolate chip cookie dough off the spoon or scrapped in from the mixing bowl, so now you can skip the risk of raw egg and enjoy completely edible cookie dough.You can spoon it straight from the tub, roll it into balls and dip it in chocolate or put it on a tray to set in the freezer for some fudge-style raw cookie dough. If you are searching for some more inspiration, you can check out these awesome cookie dough recipe ideas we compiled.

If you prefer to turn your chocolate cookie dough into a batch of warm, chewy cookies, you will be pleased to know that this raw cookie dough is also perfect for baking! Share with family and friends or keep it all to yourself; we won’t judge.

Of course, we know that even edible cookie dough tastes better when paired with ice cream, so we made a take home tub that brings the best of both worlds together.

Our Cookie Jar take home tub comes with lashings of Cookies and Cream ice cream, smashed with Tim Tams, Oreos and the edible chocolate chip cookie dough you know and love.Why not customise your own cookie dough ice cream cake with our custom cake builder for your next celebration? Or, for something a little different, try our all-new O’Reo Kidding Me?! ice cream cake.

Whatever way you decide to eat it, this edible cookie dough is a must-try. Hurry in store today to buy edible cookie dough from Cold Rock and see what all the fuss is about.