5 Reasons Why an Oreo Ice Cream Cake is the Ultimate Celebration Cake

Oreos are a world-famous cookie and for good reason! The crème-filled chocolate biscuit has become a popular addition to cakes and ice cream around the world. Naturally, we thought ‘why have one or the other when you can have both?

Here at Cold Rock, we have incorporated the delicious American cookie into our range of ice cream cakes that will be sure to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds.

If you are wondering what Cold Rock ice cream cake to pick for your next celebration, we have five reasons why an oreo ice cream cake is the best choice.1. You can never have too many Oreos

What could be more legendary than Oreos, mixed with Oreos and topped off with Oreos? Simple answer: nothing. You asked and we listened! We have created the oreo ice cream cakes of your dreams with our brand new O’Reo Kidding Me ice cream cake.

This incredible cake comes loaded with Cookies & Cream ice cream and chocolate brownie, cookie dough and mini M&M Mix Ins. If you are not already drooling, it is also decorated with whole Oreos, crushed Oreos, Oreo frosting and Ice Magic, making this cake an unforgettable addition to your next celebration.2. Oreos are perfect to Mix & Smash

Oreos are the perfect treat to mix and smash. Whether you like big biscuit chunks mixed with your ice cream, finely crushed Oreo dust sprinkled on top or whole Oreos as decoration, our Oreo ice cream cakes have you covered.

For our fellow monster truck lovers and race car fans, the Rockin’ Race Cars Oreo ice cream cake puts the classic cookies and cream combo front and centre and is the ultimate celebration cake for your next track event.

Rockin’ Race Cars has two mouth-watering layers of double choc ice cream with Kit Kat and mini M&M Mix Ins and Aussie vanilla ice cream with Oreo and chocolate brownie Mix Ins, topped with race car toys and a crushed Oreo dirt track.3. Oreo goes perfectly with the classics

Vanilla and chocolate are iconic ice cream flavours for a reason. Both flavours have been the base of some of the worlds most popular treats, so what could be better than adding Oreo’s and making an ice cream cake?

For maximum chocolate and vanilla flavour with a little rainbow goodness, we recommend our Colourful Crunch ice cream cake. This ice cream log is made of Aussie vanilla ice cream, jam-packed with mini M&M’s and Oreo Mix Ins, topped off with chocolate Ice Magic, Maltesers, mini M&M’s, 100’s & 1000’s and plenty more Oreos.

If you love the idea of a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake, this Oreo ice cream cake is guaranteed to give you the best of both worlds.4. Oreos taste great with anything

Oreos aren’t just good with vanilla or chocolate flavours, they are perfect with anything. One of our favourites is the mint and Oreo ice cream cake, Bikkies & Balls.

The Bikkies & Balls cake comes with a layer of cool mint ice cream with chocolate brownie and Tim Tam Mix Ins and a layer of double choc ice cream with Maltesers and Kit Kat Mix Ins.

But wait, there is more. This Oreo ice cream cake also comes topped with chocolate Ice Magic, sprinkles and a ring of Tim Tams, Oreos and mega mint balls. Move over Mint Slice, this Oreo ice cream cake is the ultimate celebration cake.5. You can customise your own Oreo ice cream cake

In true Cold Rock style, you have the power to Choose It. Mix It. Smash It. Love It.

Simply choose two layers of your favourite ice cream flavours, select your Mix Ins, pick your decorations and icing colours then voila! You have made your very own custom ice cream cake.

Will you have double chocolate ice cream, Oreo and Freddo Frog ice cream cake? Maybe a coffee ice cream cake mixed with our famous cookie dough and Oreos on top? Perhaps try something completely wild like a bubblegum ice cream cake with gummy bear and Oreo Mix Ins. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Want to order an Oreo ice cream cake today? Go to our online store to order from our Oreo ice cream cake range or create your own unique cookie ice cream cake masterpiece and bring the ultimate celebration cake to your next party.  You can also check out our birthday cake ideas for some more inspiration.