It’s Time To Netflix & Chill With Cold Rock Take Home Ice Cream Tubs

There is nothing quite like kicking back after a big day and settling down on the couch with a movie and some snacks, but with Cold Rock take home ice cream tubs, your evening is about to get a whole lot better.

We offer two sizes; large and small take home tubs, so you can enjoy them solo or share them with family and friends; we won’t tell anyone if you keep it all to yourself.Death By Chocolate

If you want to feel like you are in the cinema, our Death by Chocolate ice cream tub is the perfect treat.

Reminiscent of the classic choc top, this chocolate ice cream tub will take your Netflix and chill night to the next level.

Featuring double chocolate ice cream combined with Milky Way, chocolate brownie and mini M&M Mix Ins, it is the ultimate indulgence to accompany your film. If you need a sweet treat to share at your next event, be sure to explore our huge range of chocolate ice cream cakes too.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp

Peanut Butter Time

Want to balance the sweet with something a little salty? Peanut Butter Time should be your ice cream tub of choice.

Dip your spoon into salted caramel ice cream folded with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mars Bar and Flake chocolate Mix Ins for an equally fun and flavourful film treat.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: Salt starring Angelina Jolie

Cookie Jar

This ice cream tub is a tasty combo of cookies and cream ice cream featuring America and Australia’s favourite cookies, Oreo and Tim Tams, finished off with our dough-licious choc chip cookie dough Mix In.

Skip the basic biscuit tin and get your hands on one of the Cold Rock Cookie Jar ice cream tubs; you will be telling Jimmy to bring you 10 in no time. If you love cookie dough, be sure to try one of our new vegan cookie dough tubs while you are at it.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: The Aviator starring Leonardo Decaprio

Animals Alive

What better way to bring some fun to movie night than with the help of Freddo Frogs, gummy bears and Caramello Koalas? That’s right, we’ve put all the classic sweet creatures into one big tub of creamy Aussie vanilla ice cream to scoop out during your favourite movie scenes.

Our Animals Alive vanilla ice cream tubs will put a smile on your face and get your tastebuds dancing.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr.

The Islander

For those sweaty summer nights, there is no better way to cool down in front of the TV than with one of our refreshing sorbet take home ice cream tubs.

Filled with lashings of sweet mango sorbet and topped off with raspberries, passionfruit and Bounty chocolate, this ice cream tub is a hit for those wanting something fruity and light.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: Cast Away starring Tom Hanks

After Dinner Mint

If you want to freshen up your palate post-dinner, our After Dinner Mint take home ice cream tub is so mouth-watering, even Iceman would be jealous.

Sit back, stream a movie and savour a cool blast of mint ice cream with Lint dark chocolate, Kit Kat and chocolate brownie Mix Ins.

Perfect Pairing Recommendation: Top Gun starring Tom Cruise

If you would prefer to create your own take home ice cream tub to Netflix and chill with, head to your local store to order your own custom takeaway ice cream tub.