Tis’ The Season For Ice Cream Cake!

This time of year, is no doubt the busiest of the year. Decorating the house, buying gifts for everyone, cooking for, and hosting extended family. It would be no surprise if Chrissy dessert completely slipped your mind. Well do not fret, we have you covered.


Look no further than our two incredibly fun and festive limited time Christmas ice cream cakes! A stress-free solution, perfect for the whole family to share because let’s be honest… who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer? This year we are bringing back 2 classics for the Cold Rock fam to enjoy. The deliciously chocolatey Festive Filled Pud and the fan favourite Christmas Wreath.


Double Chocolate ice cream, filled with chocolate and decorated with more chocolate… Need we say more. A layer of Double Chocolate ice cream with Oreo Mix Ins, filled with Christmas M&Ms and decorated with Chocolate Ice Magic, Jaffas and Silver Balls. YUM! Our Festive Filled Pud ice cream cake serves 10 and is the perfect treat to impress all your guests at this year’s Christmas party. Not to mention how excited all the kiddies get when the Christmas M&Ms spill out after the first slice.


For a more bright and colourful option, you simply cannot go past our Christmas Wreath ice cream cake. The donut shaped cake has an inner layer of Strawberry ice cream mixed with Christmas M&Ms Mix Ins, an outer layer of Mint ice cream with Choc Brownie Mix Ins and is decorated with a Condensed Milk drizzle topped with Jaffas, Mint Balls and Silver Balls. This mint lover’s dream serves 8 and is the perfect eye-catching party treat.


But if neither of these flavours suit your taste buds, don’t stress! You can customise your ice cream flavours in each cake, just ask your local store.