Hungry for Hazelnuts? Try This Ferraro Rocher Ice Cream Cake!

Are you searching for the perfect ice cream cake for your next special event? Well, you will go nuts for this Nutella and Ferraro Rocher ice cream cake, inspired by your favourite mini chocolate treats!

Move over macadamias, catch you later cashews; it is hazelnut’s time to shine.Ferraro Dreaming

Hazelnuts + Chocolate. Need we say more? The Ferraro Dreaming ice cream cake is the ideal celebration cake for all of our choc-hazelnut die-hards.

This fudgy, hazelnut and Nutella ice cream delight comes layered with Ferraro Rocher ice cream, and double chocolate ice cream smashed with chocolate brownie chunks and Ferraro Rocher Mix Ins. Are you drooling yet?

But this Ferraro and Nutella ice cream cake is also a feast for the eyes; it features crushed hazelnuts, whole Ferraro Rocher’s, and mini packets of gooey Nutella. It is the delicious gift that keeps on giving. And, of course, we could not forget the generous drizzling of chocolate Ice Magic to top it all off.

If you want to take this Ferraro Rocher ice cream cake to the next level, you can customise your Ferraro Rocher ice cream cake by adding in your own Mix Ins! Try Maltesers and Tim Tams or Cadbury Flake and Mars Snickers for an extra decadent chocolate nut cake.

The Ferraro Dreaming ice cream cake is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, so be sure you get in and snag the first slice before it is all gone.For-a-Rare-Share

If you haven’t got a celebration coming up but still want an excuse to treat yourself, we have you covered.

We are serving up the For-a-Rare-Share take home tub so you can bring all the chocolate and hazelnut goodness back home to enjoy for your next Netflix & chill night or as a cheeky frozen treat.

Indulge in scoops of Ferraro ice cream packed with smooth Nutella spread, Cadbury Picnic chocolate pieces and crushed even more crushed Ferraro Rocher.All or Nut-ting

If you want to try one of our other ice cream cakes with nuts, why not try our All or Nut-ting Snickers ice cream cake? This chocolate nut cake brings your wildest snickers ice cream dreams to life with Aussie vanilla ice cream and double chocolate ice cream loaded with crushed peanuts, Mars Snickers and Cadbury Picnic pieces topped off with peanut butter and more choc-peanut bars. Yum!

Are you wanting to create a completely unique ice cream cake? You can build your own ice cream cake with nuts for your next occasion with our online custom cake builder. Simply select your pick-up store, then go ahead and choose your flavours, add your Mix Ins and decorations, then click order. Your order will then be ready to pick up in a few short days.Make your next event memorable and order a Ferraro Rocher ice cream cake online from Cold Rock today. You can also explore our range of chocolate, coffee and Oreo ice cream cakes. Hurry, get ‘em while they’re cold!