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The most fun you’ll have in a bun

It may be time to unbuckle your pants as Cold Rock launches new Ice Cream Sliders!

With an abundance of food trends and fads taking over our screens, Cold Rock’s latest addition will well and truly capture your attention. Boasting a fusion of ice cream – made with Australian dairy milk (of course) – and a tasty brioche burger bun; Cold Rock welcomes their latest, most innovative offering yet, which is now available at all stores nationally, in time for winter: the mouthwatering Cold Rock Ice Cream Slider.

Filled with your choice of any Cold Rock Ice Cream flavour and Mix Ins, all of which are smashed together on the unique ‘Cold Rock’ and served up on a warm, toasted brioche bun – Cold Rock’s Ice Cream Sliders are then lovingly wrapped and placed in a burger box for you to take away and enjoy (or eat right then and there, if you simply cannot wait)!

Like any burger, Cold Rock’s Ice Cream Sliders are also served up with your choice of deliciously sweet, premium ‘sauce.’ With three flavours to choose from – rich chocolate (BBQ), sticky caramel (Mustard) and sweet raspberry (Tomato) – there’s sure to be one to tantalize every taste bud, giving you even more power to create your very own individual Ice Cream Slider … just the way you like it!

A modern take on the once humble burger, Cold Rock’s Ice Cream Sliders provide a truly innovative and unique offer for all ice cream aficionados and burger lovers alike! For the past few years and with no signs of slowing down, ‘designer’ burgers have been a food fad staple, and it seems Australian consumers’ love burgers in any form – be it the fast food or healthy gourmet variety, and now, sweet treat style!

Cold Rock CEO Stan Gordon says the brand is more than just a delicious treat; it’s about bringing new and fun experiences to customers with a theatrical twist.

“Taking our inspiration from Italy, the true home of ice cream, we have really tried to arouse our customers’ imaginations and make our Ice Cream Sliders unique, by offering a variety of tasty and entertaining flavours and textures to enjoy. The Cold Rock Slider has a crispy, warm brioche bun, which is then paired with the customer’s choice of creamy, cold ice cream, crunchy Mix Ins and premium sweet sauce filling.

And, we only use Australian dairy milk when we make our ice cream,” said Gordon.

With the cooler weather well and truly here, Cold Rock’s Ice Cream Sliders will be available in-store from June 1, 2016.

Head into your nearest Cold Rock store to create your very own Ice Cream Slider and indulge in a rich, feel-good dessert and sweet warm tasty treat. Prices start at $6.50 per Slider.

Cold Rock Ice Cream Sliders: So hot, they’re cool!