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Layer 1 and Mix Ins: Ferraro Ice Cream with Choc Brownie and Coffee Syrup.
Layer 2 and Mix Ins: Double Choc Ice Cream with Tim Tams and Oreos.
Decorations: Middle Layer of Vanilla Sponge Cake. Topped with Choc Ice Magic, Milo and shaved white chocolate.

Who says you can’t have your coffee and eat it too? There’s no need to miss out on all the fun when you choose our delicious Tira-Miss-You cake! Created especially for coffee lovers and those with a sweet tooth, our Tira -Miss-You ice cream cake is inspired by tiramisu, the traditional Italian dessert.

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At the centrepiece of this ice cream cake, you’ll find our decadent coffee ice cream, a fan favourite in Cold Rock stores across Australia. Weaved into layers of soft, coffee-soaked sponge cake are our Ferraro and double chocolate ice cream, for a rich flavour that’s reminiscent of your delicious morning coffee. Chocolate brownie, Oreo and Tim Tam Mix-Ins give our tiramisu ice cream cake that all-important crunch, and we’ve topped it off with chocolate Ice Magic, malty Milo and white chocolate shavings. You’ll be coming back for seconds (or thirds!)

Looking for a custom tiramisu ice cream cake? Select from our range of over a dozen ice cream flavours, including Aussie Vanilla, White Chocolate and Cookies and Cream, or switch up your Mix-Ins by choosing from cookie dough, Kit Kat, chocolate fudge and more.

Ice cream tiramisu cake in Australia

Cold Rock makes it easy to order your tiramisu ice cream cake online, with pick-up available at your nearest local store. Make your next event one to remember with a tiramisu ice cream cake, or browse our full range of ice cream cakes including For The Love of Bis-Coff, My Kind-er Surprise and more.

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