My Kind-er Surprise


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Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cake

Layer 1 and Mix Ins: Double Choc Ice Cream with Oreo and Kinder Chocolate Treat.
Layer 2 and Mix Ins: Aussie Vanilla Ice Cream with Mini M&Ms and Kinder Chocolate Treat.
Decorations: Choc Ice Magic, Choc Sprinkles, Kinder Bueno Choc, Kinder Bueno White Choc, Kinder Chocolate Treats and Kinder Surprise Egg (Wrapped).

Who doesn’t love a Kinder Bueno? The signature creamy hazelnut and the crispy wafer create a special taste that one can’t simply forget. Experience Cold Rock’s exciting twist on the classic Kinder Bueno with our Kind-er Surprise Chocolate ice cream cake. A hit with the kids, our Kinder Chocolate ice cream cake is a true chocolate feast decorated with all-time favourite treats like choc ice magic, choc sprinkles and Kinder Bueno choc pieces. 

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At Cold Rock, we are dedicated to providing you with a wholesome experience through our cakes. My Kind-er Surprise is made with a delectable combo of Double Choc and Aussie Vanilla ice cream and layered with Kinder chocolate treats and Mini M&M Mix-Ins. You’ll also find a special Kinder Surprise Egg at the centrepiece of the cake – get your kid and their friends to crack the egg and discover a little gift inside!

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Our Kind-er Surprise cake is here to surprise your palette and transform the familiar into a new experience – so buy your Kinder Bueno ice cream cake from us today! Cold Rock makes it convenient to order your Kinder Bueno ice cream cake online, with pick-up available at your nearest local store. Make your kid’s party an unforgettable one with our Kinder Bueno ice cream cake! 

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