Kit Kat Krazed


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Layer 1: Double Choc ice cream with Choc Brownie and Kit Kat Mix Ins.
Layer 2: Strawberry ice cream with M&M’s and Kit Kat Mix Ins.
Decorations: Surrounded by WHOLE Kit Kats and topped with masses of M&M’s.

If you’re a Kit Kat lover, our Kit Kat ice cream cake is a delicacy you shouldn’t miss! Combined with tasty, locally made ice creams, Cold Rock’s special twist on Kit Kat is everyone’s new favourite treat. 

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The perfect indulgence for those with a penchant for chocolate, our Kit Kat ice cream cake is made of Double Choc and Strawberry ice cream with Mix-Ins of Choc Brownie, M&M’s and (of course) Kit Kat to offer a rich flavour that satisfies your cravings. At Cold Rock, we like to offer a completely spectacular experience for you. Our Kit Kat ice cream cake is surrounded by single Kit Kat bars and topped with masses of M&M’s – watch your wildest imagination come to life when you order our Kit Kat ice cream cake. 

Customise ice cream cake with Kit Kat bars at Cold Rock 

Why choose a boring freezer aisle ice cream cake if you can opt for a wholesome Kit Kat ice cream cake from Cold Rock for your next celebration? We make it easy for you to order your cake online, with pick-up available at your convenience at your nearest Cold Rock store. Don’t hesitate to explore our full range online and discover unique combinations of sweet treats that you’ve never imagined before.

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