For the Love of Bis-Coff


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Layer 1 and Mix Ins: Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Lotus Biscuits.
Layer 2 and Mix Ins: Aussie Vanilla Ice Cream with Lotus Biscuits.
Decorations: Biscoff Spread, Lotus Biscuits whole and crushed.


Finding the perfect ice cream cake to please the masses doesn’t have to be a chore. If you haven’t already jumped on the Biscoff bandwagon, our Biscoff ice cream cake is sure to leave you wanting more!
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Enjoy layers of our Aussie vanilla and Salted Caramel ice cream smashed with caramelised Lotus biscuits for a flavour that packs a punch. We’ve topped off our Biscoff ice cream cake with gooey Biscoff Spread, plus whole Biscoff biscuits – it’s a Biscoff lover’s dream come true!

There’s no need to stick to the basics, either. Our Biscoff ice cream cake can be customised to suit your taste. Select from over a dozen different ice cream flavours including white chocolate, cookies and cream, Ferraro and more. Want to add more texture to your Biscoff ice cream cake? Smash extra Mix-Ins to your heart’s content, including caramel fudge, Oreo, crunchy peanuts and plenty more to create your unique ice cream cake!

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Make freezer aisle ice cream cakes a thing of the past. Cold Rock offers a delicious selection of ice cream cakes to add colour and excitement to your next celebration. Order your Biscoff ice cream cake for pick up at a Cold Rock store near you, or browse all of our ice cream cakes including O’Reo Kidding Me, Ferraro Dreaming and more. 

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