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Move Over Mother’s Day cakes

Cold Rock says: Let Mum have her Cake, and eat it too!

We all know that Mother’s Day is THE day to celebrate the leading lady in your life – Mum. And it’s probably also true that no gift will ever be quite enough to repay her for everything she’s done for you.

Of course, if you could buy her the world, you would. But, chances are, most of us can’t afford that. So instead, why not give her a delicious ice cream cake which you can both enjoy and also firmly cements your ‘favourite child’ status at the same time?

This Mother’s Day, the team at Cold Rock are offering you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Their Eat Your Feelings range of ice cream cakes are inscribed with a range of ‘mum friendly’ messages which are sure to put a smile on her face – and a halo on your head.

While your siblings will undoubtedly make do with the usual fluffy dressing gowns, daggy flannelette pj’s and soap-on-a-rope offerings, with Cold Rock’s help, you can create Mum her very own mum-inspired masterpiece, using her (or your!) favourite ice cream flavours, mixed and smashed together with your choice of premium chocolate, confectionary and fruit Mix Ins.

And to top it all off – don’t forget to wrap it all up with your choice of decorations and a personalised message of love inscribed on top, just to remind her of the great job she’s done. Perhaps “To Mum, love your favourite child”, or “Congrats Mum…I’m perfect” will do the trick?

With cakes starting at just $40, this custom-made, cost effective, super tasty option is the perfect way to show Mum just how much you love her, without even having to get your hands dirty.

So set yourself a calendar note (Pssst…Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 14 May, 2017) and order your mum a Cold Rock Mother’s Day ice cream cake she definitely won’t forget at